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Blacklist is currently on-going creative partner for a portfolio of channels and streamers in France, Italy, Benelux and Scandinavia to replace in-house teams producing all non-programming content.


Blacklist built a local market-based nexus, recruiting core talent in each region hub to service each geography. Through training, each team was brand immersed in their respective channels, so that everything they do from creative thinking, to how they speak to the client is tailored appropriately.


Building bespoke teams based in country has allowed Blacklist to deliver quality 360 campaigns,  promos, efficiently at volume. Workflows based on a monthly channel make list, include trailers, promos, marketing collateral, continuity, OOH, DOOH, social and brand assets. Local creatives deliver nuanced language, with themes tailored to local events and cultural sensitivities.

Blacklist teams are working out of 4 country hubs in London, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam.


We are Super!’s official creative partner and our dedicated in-house team works hand in hand with Super’s brilliant team in Italy to deliver exceptional creative monthly. 

Super! is one of the top kids channels in Italy, with a focus on Children aged 4-14 and with a catalogue of outstanding local and international content.




As a trusted creative partner, we now work with Narrative to create all their monthly on-air promos, campaigns, continuity and branding for Pop and Tiny Pop in the UK. From strategy & ideation through to production & delivery, we create fun and engaging content for their young TV audience.


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