Movies That Make you... - Disney Channel US

Campaign created for Disney Channel US to launch brand new movies acquisitions showing over the holidays 2020.

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse - Disney +

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse is the new series of short stories starring your favourite classic Disney characters! - Launching worldwide on Disney+ this Wednesday, we were tasked with conceptualising the campaign, designing the graphics and editing content to create a series of promos highlighting the magic of such a star studded cast! 

Highlight Reel - Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior

Spring Jam - Disney US

Spring Jam was an original stunt created for Disney Channel USA. Airing during one of their busiest periods, Spring Break 2020, it was designed to promote the show ‘Fam Jam’ and a number of Disney Channel Original Movies. The promo itself was a 45 second ‘mash up’ in which we worked alongside a studio based in LA to create a remix using a number of Disney Channel songs. After overseeing the remix it was then edited in house by our editors and graphical designers to create a campaign we are incredibly proud of. This promo was accompanied by 4 different 15 second cut downs of the same mashup designed to promote specific movie showings.

Hawk Moth's Theme Tune - Disney Channel

The Hawk Moth theme is an originally composed song written and created by Blacklist Creative to support the 4th season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. After the success of the show and it's catchy main theme tune, we gave Hawk Moth his very own anthem. A Rock/Pop opera inspired song and his own music video, which tells his story of anger and revenge.

Descendants 3: Behind The Scenes Campaign


ABC/Disney USA

We were commissioned to produce a series of 9 BTS films for the launch of the movie Descendants 3. Filmed on location in Vancouver, each film had a specific theme, which took the audience on a journey through the making of the franchise. This is Disney Channel’s most successful digital campaign to date, contributing to huge ratings for the actual movie premiere. The films had over 60Million views across social media.

Deliverables: 9x IGTV, 9x YT films (3 to 4 mins)

Zombies 2: Behind The Scenes Campaign


ABC/Disney USA

After the success of our BTS content for Descendents 3 we were asked to create a new series for Zombies 2. This time the client wanted it to be more personal and engaging, utilising content the cast had filmed themselves during the movie. Each spot documents an individual’s experience on set creating a diary piece per actor. The films had over 60Million views across social media.


Deliverables: 8 x 2 to 3 min films. Each short film is character based. Delivered at IGTV and YT formats.