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Paradox Interactive: Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus


Paradox Interactive approached us to create a series of trailers, logotype, and key art for a new DLC pack for the much played Hearts of Iron IV.



By focussing on a ‘story-first’ journey through 1930s Istanbul we were able to both honour the content of the DLC whilst also breaking new ground for Paradox with beautifully hand painted trailers and visuals.



By staying process driven, we were able to work with Paradox to create a series of animatics blocked out in 3D, which were then digitally painted over and then projected back over the geometry. This produced a stunning effect that allowed for more realistic camera movement through the hand-painted world we created.


The logotype and key art paid homage to the rich cultural inspirations from the area (the Bosporus). We meticulously researched both civilian and military dress from the era as well as the war machines that were featured. This led to a truly unique, story driven trailer that had the highest engagement on YouTube Paradox has ever seen with a DLC for Heart of Iron IV.

Launch Trailer

Release Trailer