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Comedy Central Roast                                                                        

Comedy Central decided to roast legendary Dutch magician Hans Klok. Off the back of our success creating the live show for the Roast of Ali B in 2019, Paramount approached us once again to bring some magic to the night.

Riffing off how Hans missed his big opportunity to have his own Vegas stage show, would it be possible to turn back the hands of time? We used this as inspiration for our huge 360 degree show screens.

Filmed in front of a live audience in a circular auditorium, the execution was spectacular. With over 21 million pixels, the audience was blown away by the changing environment and final reveal. 


The World Finals of three of the most popular mobile games demands greatness.

Our challenge was to transform the immersive world of Mobile IP out of a handheld device, to a stage that would engage 7 million fans. 

To capture the imagination of the mobile gaming community, we based our approach on amplifying the best moments of each game, matched with the drama and the determination of the finalists.

Never forgetting the purpose of the finals, we created slick broadcast graphics to inform and entertain the viewers.  Making the winning moments unforgettable and turning every player into a larger-than-life hero.


We delivered 3 full broadcast packages and 3 dramatic LED environments across an eye watering 50+ hours of high energy broadcast. The spectacle was breathtaking, as we brought well-known locations from the games into the studio (including a very theatrical lava floor). Each day, the execution changed to a different backdrop to keep things fresh, as well as high intensity split staging for head-to-head matches. The winning moments exploded onto stage in showers of gold, bringing maximum bling and excitement as the winners of the grand finals were revealed.

tek zone

TEKZONE is Kuwait’s newest and most innovative family entertainment concept created especially for integration into shopping mall locations in the Middle East. The client asked us to find a way to activate and amplify the TEKZONE brand, to communicate the future of fun and entertainment for all the family.

Our approach was to imagine a new brand mascot design, complete with a back story that would capture the audience’s heart and imagination and showcase the immersive entertainment experience powered by VR and parallel digital technology - on offer at TEKZONE.


We created a new fresh brand look for an alien robot charter, that built on our research as to character features that would appeal to the target audience. The back story was about an alien that crash-landed to earth and brought their amazing technology to TEKZONE to surprise and delight all those on planet earth as a gift from above. 

The execution was amplified through digital OOH in the centre to create an emotional connection with guests to ensure that they came back to TEKZONE again and again.

Comedy Central Roast                                                                        

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