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As a trusted creative partner, we work with Prime Video to create 360 campaigns across their EMEA regions. 

From strategy & ideation through to production & delivery, we create powerful content for TV, print, social, digital and experiential, and version for multiple locales. Amongst others, we are honored to have worked on launches for The Grand Tour, Hotel Transylvania 4, Clarkson's Farm, Anna, Dutch Wheels, Ten Percent, James Bond as well as EMEA-wide Brand campaigns such a prolific Smile Campaign.


When Amazon bought MGM studios, they acquired the broadcast rights to the back catalogue of all 26 bond films. We were asked to build a campaign to promote and publicise the availability of these movies to the Prime Audience.

As this inventory was only available to view for a limited time, we found a way to drive an appointment to view by telling a classic bond chase story, that continuously thread through alternative scenes in several movies of the franchise to tease all the excitement and big thrills that a Bond movie has to offer in an urgent non-stop narrative.

The Bond chase campaign raced through a promotional broadcast toolkit including a trailers and teaser, DOOH, OOH print, social amplification and an experiential idea that would project a sequenced boat chase along the canals of Amsterdam.

The campaign successfully gathered Bond lovers from all over the Netherlands to watch their favourite British spy in action on Prime Video.

BOND 1350x1080.jpg


Anna: Status, a four part documentary series about Anna Nooshin. We all know Anna as an influencer, entrepreneur and local IT girl, but who is she really and what’s her story? This brand new series opens the window to see the real Anna.


The series takes place at a London talent agency where agents scramble to keep their star clients happy and their business afloat after the sudden death of their founder.


The ask was to create a branded campaign with broad audience cut through, that brings attention to the Amazon Prime Video offer and demonstrates the volume, breadth and quality of the available content.

Asked to bring attention to the smile and give it some meaning – our solution was to concentrate on generating a strong emotionally led audience response to the tagline “every smile tells a story”, by bringing to life the knowing smile of the antagonist in a whole range of cinematic stories. Transporting the viewer into the middle of a movie, where ‘it feels good to be bad’.

This campaign started with the Nordics with a creative that tuned in to local cultural sensitivities - and has now grown to NL and UK and we are now a component of EU6, an org localising campaigns across all EU markets. Blacklist is also creating all digital assets for Prime Video Instagram channels for Scandinavia, Portugal, Turkey and Poland.

Evolving from the 'Every Smile Tells a Story' brand promise, Blacklist’s specific creative tailored to the Nordic market, has grown in influence to tell the new story across other territories through over 60 multichannel campaigns made up of digital, OOO, experiential and all localisation of content.

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